Handling Raw Eggs

Eggs in Basket CBM c

About Those Eggs…

In all my years of cooking, I have found only one egg that was rotten, and only two eggs that contained blood, but you never know when this will happen. It would be a shame to have to throw out a bowl of eggs because of “one bad egg”.

Eggs - B&Mc@

If several eggs are broken into a bowl and one is bad, then all are contaminated. For this reason, what I do when working with multiple eggs, is to break one egg into a measuring cup or mixing bowl. The next egg, I break into a separate small bowl, as shown in this photo. If that egg is okay, I then pour it in with the first egg. I continue doing this until all the eggs have been opened, checked, then added to the others. Only then do I beat them, and add them to the other ingredients.

These days, most egg producers wash their eggs before sending them to market. One precaution I always take with eggs, however, is to wash them well in warm soapy water before cracking them open. This should remove any fecal matter and other bacteria that could be on the outside of the eggshell.


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