Myth #4 — It’s okay to wash dishes with the cloth I just used to wipe off the table and countertop.

Washing Dishes CBM

THE TRUTH: No, it’s not okay!

That is the countertop where you just piled all your groceries before unloading them into the fridge and pantry. That’s the tabletop where your kids sat to do their homework with those textbooks that have been who-knows-where. That’s the countertop your cat walked on just after leaving his litterbox. (I actually saw that happen while at a friend’s home for dinner. I never ate at that person’s home again.) That could be the countertop where your child sat the dog to wash it’s feet while you were at work. Shall I go on?Kitchen Sink CBM

The cloth used to wipe down the kitchen table, countertops, stovetop, and sink area should never be used to wash dishes without being laundered first. In my own kitchen, and bathroom, I use disinfecting wipes or a disinfectant spray for kitchens to wipe down the countertops, sink faucet handle, microwave, fridge and oven door handles, and cabinet door handles and drawer pulls. Although I keep both on hand, I usually use the spray because the wipes can be rough on your hands, but for quick cleanups I grab a wipe.


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