About this Site

Tumbled Peaches - CBMWelcome to the new website and blog by Bo & Mia Montgomery. It was created as our way of sharing with you our favorite recipes, old and new. Some we created. Some are old family recipes. We love cooking, and we know you do, too, or you wouldn’t be reading a food blog, right?

We both grew up in the Deep South of the United States at a time when almost everything was deep-fried, and at most meals, there was something fried on every dinner table . Our tastes have changed and become more sophisticated over the years, so while we rarely fry anything, we do still occasionally order fried okra or fried crab claws in a restaurant; and we definitely do still appreciate Southern cooking. You have to understand, there is Southern cooking, and then there is Southern Cooking. We try to take it up a notch, but still include many southern items such as seafood and grilled okra; and desserts — we love our desserts — and we try to include a lot of fruit and veggies. So, come along with us as we publish our recipes and write about our adventures in our own kitchen, as well as great flavors we have experienced while traveling.


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