Turkey Chili Recipe

What could be better on a cold, rainy (or snowy) day than a piping hot bowl of chili?

CBM - Chili Intro

Here’s the link to our recipe:  https://cookingwithboandmia.com/recipes/thick-hearty-chili/

Although we use fresh or home-frozen tomatoes, we have been using canned tomato paste. Soon, I plan to learn how to make my own tomato paste, so we can avoid the preservatives found in canned foods. If I’m successful, I’ll let you know how it’s done. Heck, even if I’m not successful, I’ll let you know. Maybe you can come up with a better method.



3 thoughts on “Turkey Chili Recipe

  1. Maria, I just want to take a sip right off that spoon. Your chili looks wonderful! When I make chili these days, or anything that I used to make with a can or two of tomato paste, I just cook down a little of my homemade tomato sauce in the chili pan, after sauteing the onions and garlic. By the time I have the rest of my ingredients/salad/whatever ready to go, I have a nice thick tomato-rich sauce to infuse the beans (vegetarian).

    I’ll watch for your tomato paste recipe, though, against the day I’m lucky enough to have room to put some up for those winter months when the only tomatoes we can get are pale, tasteless and mushy.

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