Chicken Pot Pie for Dinner

CBM - Chicken Pot Pie

Cooler weather requires comfort food, and this recipe is one of the easiest. Sooooo good. For the recipe click right here.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie for Dinner

  1. Just the other day, I sampled a chicken pot pie at Chocolat, a new-to-me restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA. Their version was “gluten-free,” and the crust tasted of corn flour. It was a deep-dish pie like yours (at least yours looks deep-dish in the photos), and they served the gravy on the side, not baked in, which I’d never seen before and turned out to be quite good.

    Hours later I saw your post, the first chicken pot pie recipe I’ve seen in years. How’s that for a weird coincidence? But it looks so good. What a neat idea to use the scraps to cutout leaf decorations. I’ll have to give that a try next time I bake a pie. Thanks, Maria, for the recipe and the tip.


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