About the Authors

Hayden (Bo) and Maria (Mia) Montgomery love to cook. Sometimes she is his sous chef; other times he takes that role. She’s a public health educator, artist, writer and photographer. He’s an engineer, golfer, former NASCAR racing engine builder, and currently an official for IMSA (International MotorSports Association). Do they ever disagree about how much butter to use? Oh, yeah.  She’s a gardener. He’s not. She grows a lot of their vegetables. The rest they purchase at local farmers’ markets, opting for organically grown whenever possible. You can hang out in the garden with Mia at In the Garden with Maria.

“Welcome to our lifestyle and recipe blog. We are newlyweds who have been married a little over 25 years. We have always loved getting in the kitchen together, and creating our own recipes. Now that we have more time on our hands, we want to share them.

Some time ago, we decided to take better care of ourselves, and to try to eat mostly clean, healthy food. Real food. It’s amazing how our tastes changed after only a short time of eating real food instead of processed foods.

For the last 20 years, I have grown as much of our food as garden space would allow. Gardening is a way of living close to the land, the way humans were meant to live. Organic, home-grown veggies are the best — you know what’s in them, and more importantly, what isn’t.”

These two have created some wonderful recipes over the years, and they love to share them with you, along with some old family recipes that have been tweaked to make them a bit less unhealthy. They admit to enjoying a not-so-healthy meal occasionally. “Everything in moderation,” Maria says. They have created delicious desserts, and will share those, too, even if they aren’t truly healthy.


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